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What is the difference between Android 12 and Android 11?

Android 12 system maximizes the user privacy protection. With the new easy-to-use and powerful privacy features, please do not need to worry about the security.

Is it GMS certified?

UAUU Android 12 tablet is GMS certified (google play certified) for full access to Google Play Store for downloading apps and games.

What is the difference between the incell screen of this tablet and others?

UAUU Android 12 Tablet is designed with incell screen which is much thinner, lighter, brighter and clearer, in order to provide users the greatest visual experience.

Does this Android 12 tablet have a parental management mode?

This 10.1 inch tablet is designed with a child mode so that parents can filter the Apps that children can use and limit the children use time. It is also possible to remotely supervise the use of children.